Will Equipment Access provide transportation of the purchased unit?

Although Equipment Access does not directly provide transportation, we have specific freight companies that we know and trust and have done business with for years. We are happy to obtain a freight quotes on your behalf prior to an agreement on a final sales price.

How much will it cost to move my unit?

Equipment Access is able to obtain freight quotes prior to final agreement to purchase. We will arrange pick-up and delivery of the purchased unit once the unit has been paid for, in full.

How long will it take to get the unit I purchase?

Once the unit(s) has been paid for, we authorize the freight broker to post the load. Normally, it takes from 1-4 days for the load to be picked up and delivered. Normal delivery takes less than a week from the date of purchase.

How is equipment moved?

Most often, equipment purchased from Equipment Access is moved as a “partial load”, that is a truck with room for the unit agrees to transport the load on their flat bed along with other loads they have agreed to. Equipment can also be moved as a “full truck load” but costs a premium, as you are not able to cost-share with the other loads like in a “partial load” situation.

Can equipment be delivered if I don’t have a loading dock?

Equipment can be delivered even if you don’t have a dock but it requires finding a truck with ramps who will accept the job. Delivery via truck with ramps may create an increased freight expense and may cause a slight delay.